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World of Warcraft’s early hours desperately need Blizzard’s late-game innovations


World of Warcraft has always been a hard game to recommend to friends. Not only is it tough to convince someone to spend a tenner a month on anything, we are talking about throwing cash at an old game that shows its age. Drop a fresh player into Elwynn Forest, ask them to kill some wolves with a tap of their mouse, and you are going to find yourself fielding some awkward questions about why so many people have played this game for so long.

When is the next World of Warcraft expansion out? Not long now.

World of Warcraft

Starting a new WoW hero from scratch is always a bit rough. Recently, my partner – an avid Guild Wars 2 player – attempted to get back into World of Warcraft, but bounced off hard in her first attempts. In fairness, Guild Wars 2 boasts a wildly more fluid combat system and smoother drop-in questing. What is frustrating is that Blizzard have already made amends in these areas – they just aren’t visible to new WoW players.

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