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Why play Cobalt WASD? You can beat your friends with teleport rockets


Imagine a 2D version of Call of Duty’s Search and Destroy game mode – two teams of four, one defending while the other tries to plant a bomb. But, in this case, rather than soldiers, both teams are made up of backflipping murderdroids. That is Cobalt WASD. This keyboard-loving spin-off is a multiplayer-only experience that is all about shooting the heads off enemy robots and looking as cool as possible when you do it. It was built on a PC, for PC, and has you playing as sentient PCs.

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Cobalt WASD

Yes, this is a game that is absolutely built to play on the electronic obelisk tucked under your desk. You can tell it is fine tuned for mouse and keyboard from the start as movement feels slick and aiming is sharp. It’s a good job too, as positioning and movement are key, being essential to grasp the basic rhythm of every battle but also the nuances that give you the edge in higher-skill matches.

Source: pcgames