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Why does Final Fantasy XIV still have gender-locked races in 2019?


One of the biggest reveals from the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion Shadowbringers was that the Viera – Ivalice’s reclusive rabbit folk – would be the newest playable race hitting the MMO.

Viera have become darlings among the community since their first appearance in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, later being popularised by Final Fantasy XII cast member and sky pirate, Fran. She made a welcome appearance in Final Fantasy XIV earlier this year – an era I now lovingly refer to as Final Frantasy XIV – which was part of the ongoing ‘Return to Ivalice’ raid series, which blends themes and story beats from Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII.

Fans – or should that be frans? – were eager to see the playable race in action, and during Square Enix’s Paris Fan Fest earlier this year, we finally got to see the bunny-eared people in-game, looking equally enchanting and fran servicey, with their starting gear being based on Fran’s ornate and delicate outfit from XII. Fans were quick to notice, however, that only female models for the Viera were shown, leading many to question if male Viera would be a playable option.
Source: pcgames