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Valve’s VR headset – rumoured to come with a Half-Life prequel – is real


Today, eagle-eyed Steam users caught a new teaser page on the Steam site for something called the Valve Index, which promises to “upgrade your experience” in May 2019. It looks very much like a new VR headset, and it matches with a set of leaks and trademark filings we began to see late last year.

The design of the headset matches with leaked images that popped up last year, which – notably – came alongside news of a Half-Life prequel specifically built for VR. The new teaser site offers up no concrete details beyond the name and the date, and it might even take you a few guesses to realise you’re looking at a VR headset if you weren’t expecting it.

Rumoured specs for Valve’s VR headset included a 135° field of view, and the company’s VR-focused Knuckles controller had been making the rounds long before those reports even hit. Recent layoffs at Valve seemed to hit harder around the VR department, but those still at the company quickly came back to say work on VR is still continuing apace.
Source: pcgames