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There’s a profanity filter in the Battlefield 5 open beta


With the closed alpha events for Battlefield V all wrapped up and the open beta just around the corner, developer Dice has confirmed there’ll be some new features to look out for when the open beta starts on September 6. Among them: a profanity filter for PC players.

The filter will apply to text chat and its sensitivity is still a work-in-progress. Battlefield V producer Jaqub Ajmal confirms on Twitter that “dick is OK for now, as it’s also a name”, but it seems the people of the fair town of Scunthorpe cannot declare their addresses as proudly as they should.

But it’s not just about tweaks to the community side of the game. The open beta will mark the largest test area for Battlefield V so far, giving players a chance to get to grips with a couple of the maps, try out some of the new modes, and get to grips with any changes to the classes either by yourself or with a few mates backing you up. Let’s just hope that the results of the beta don’t mean Dice decide to delay the game a second time.
Source: pcgames