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The Snow has come


The snow has come to and we like it.

Some news about the update on the homepage is that it is done. The homepage now works with the new php that was released some time ago. We still are working on some bugs that hasn´t gone to the way it was before but we are working on it.
If you have any problems with the site since the update pls tell us on Discord and we will investigate it right away.

It´s fun to see the good response we got on our earlier news post and that we seen a big interest in players that wanna team up for the future in BF5.

We are also looking for other active players for other games like Fortnite, Cs GO, Rainbow Six, Dota 2, World War 3 and on and on so if you are interested join us and build a team we will help you as much as we can.

Further news in a couple of days

have a good one !!!