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The latest PUBG anti-cheat measure blocks “invasive” third-party tools, including ReShade


Cheating in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a significant problem that’s been especially difficult to avoid with the game’s explosive success since the last few months of 2017. PUBG cheaters are getting banned left and right, but there’s been little way to eliminate the waves of players taking shortcuts to get those sweet chicken dinners. A new anti-cheat measure takes aim at third-party tools, but it appears the update will also take down some visual modifiers that were previously allowed.

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pubg anti-cheat reshade blocked

That includes ReShade, a popular post-processing tool, has been used in PUBG since the early access days. PlayerUnknown himself said there was no issue with using the program, and that’s been backed up by other official notices as recently as last week.

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