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The Guild Wars developers donated $3,500 to a fan who lost her home in a fire


On December 13, Laura Hunsucker lost her home of 21 years to a fire started by a faulty dryer. Hunsucker had been an avid Guild Wars player, logging thousands of hours into both the original game and its sequel under the name Siadina. When developers ArenaNet learned that one of their most avid players had lost her home, they chipped in to help make her next steps a bit easier.

guild wars 2 arenanet donation house fire siadina

The fire claimed the entire home, and though the family was unharmed two pets – dogs Ginger and Rosie – did not. Most of Siadina’s possessions were lost in the disaster, but she did find one thing among the wreckage intact: a collector’s edition of the Guild Wars expansion, Nightfall. When she posted the find to social media, she drew the attention of the developers.

Source: pcgames