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The Division 2’s first raid features a new signature weapon


The first raid is on the way for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, and an enterprising dataminer has scoured the game files and found some new details about its unique mechanics. It seems the raid, called Dark Hours, will include an array of special pickups called ‘PowerPlay’ items that can help tilt the balance in your team’s favor.

Redditor kevindavid40 first posted his findings on the raid a couple weeks ago, and now he’s posted a follow-up that details the raid’s secret, limited-use PowerPlay items. These items hidden and can be found using keys carried by elite enemies that have a random chance of spawning in the raid, so there’s no guaranteed way to find them. kevindavid40 says these elites appear somewhere in the raid and you’ll have a short window of time to take them down. If you miss the window, tough luck – they’ll only ever appear once per raid.

The list of PowerPlay items includes a new signature weapon, two new characters, and a collectible. They’ll only be available to use within the raid, and only for a limited amount of time. There’s not a ton of information on any of the items, particularly the signature weapon, so we’ll have to see how these things work in practice when Dark Hours comes out. We still don’t have a release date for Operation Dark Hours, so it’s an open question when we’ll actually get our hands on it.
Source: pcgames