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Tfue says he’s “too stupid” to start his own esports organisation


Tfue says he’s “too stupid” to start his own esports organisation

May 31, 2019 Tfue flatly denies his alleged plans to start a new esports organisation.

Earlier this month, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney filed suit against Faze clan over a “oppressive contract.” Shortly after, word started to circulate that Tfue wanted to started his own esports organisation following the split with Faze. But in a new podcast interview, Tfue flatly denies those reports and says he’s both too busy and “too stupid” to run his own business.

Asked if he plans to start his own org on the Koncrete podcast (via Dot Esports), Tfue responds “I never said that once.” Further, he says “No. Hell no. I don’t have time to run a company. I’m too stupid. I can’t even read a contract, you don’t want me to run an esports organisation.”

Rumours of Tfue’s esports org began when Daniel Keem – better known as Keemstar – posted a message from Tfue’s brother outlining those plans. “Turner wants to create his own org,” Jack Tenney says, “work with the brands he wants, and overall be free to change the face of gaming forever. Faze refused to allow him to do this. Turner creating his own org is in his best interest. Emotions and friendship aside, the corporate side of Faze wouldn’t let that happen. Turner had no choice, this was his only option to get out of his contract to make his plans and dreams a reality.”

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