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Scum sells more than 250,000 copies in less than a day


Scum, the painfully accurate early access survival game, is attracting quite the following. Not content with dethroning Fortnite from its near-permanent spot at the top of Twitch (before it had even come out) Scum has continued its meteoric rise, surpassing 250,000 copies sold in just a day since release.

If you’re unfamiliar with Scum, you might recognise its concept from plenty of other early access survival games. The twist is that players take on the role of criminals dropped on a deserted island to fight for survival. Oh, and it’s all broadcast on TV. It’s also pretty realistic – while Jordan was playing it in the office earlier, I was unfortunate enough to watch his character defecate in quite graphic detail, an attempt to manage a complex in-game metabolism.

Clearly, however, that level of detail appeals to quite a few people, as developers Gamepires posted a tweet earlier today to say that that “the Scum community has been incredible and we’re thankful for the over 250k copies sold in less than 24 hours.”
Source: pcgames