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Sam, Ubisoft’s AI gaming assistant, will send you tip videos after a bad R6 Siege match


Like many of you, I struggle daily to my gaming and life in balance. But sometimes, it’s a struggle to keep both aspects of life together. Luckily, Ubisoft are creating a new personal gaming assistant called Sam to help “enhance players’ gaming experience.” You message Sam through the Ubisoft Club app, letting you check your friends list, profile information, and more by, uh, talking to a robot.

Who needs Sam when you have us? Check out the best Rainbow Six Siege operators.

rainbow six siege ubisoft sam assistant

Sam also keeps track of how your gaming performance is going, and will even send you community-made tip videos after a particularly bad Rainbow Six Siege match, specially tailoring the results to your problem areas. I’m sure having your skills questioned by a robot will never feel especially condescending or irritating.

Source: pcgames