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Risk of Rain 2 is already a big hit



Risk of Rain 2, Hopoo Games’ follow-up to its 2013 roguelike platformer, arrived in Steam’s Early Access program this week, and the game is already a major success. It has an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ review rating and has ousted Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice as the top-seller on the platform.

All the numbers for Risk of Rain 2 are impressive. More than 7,000 players have written reviews of the game, and a full 97% of those are positive. As this Resetera thread notes, Risk of Rain 2 topped out at 57,099 concurrent players. That’s… a lot.

Hopoo Games has been pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic reception their game has received. In a post to the game’s community page Saturday, the developer began with “HOLYMOLY,” written as an acrostic.

“Uh, ok. First, I just wanted to say from the whole team how absolutely floored we are with the reception so far,” the developer wrote. “I was personally hoping for something to match at least half of the original game: apparently we’re doing a LOT better. It’s absolutely surreal – thank you all again.”
Source: pcgames