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Rainbow Six Siege cheaters can apparently make you change operators now


Rainbow Six Siege cheaters can apparently make you change operators now

When you run into cheaters in Rainbow Six Siege, they’re usually running some combination of aimbot, wallhack, or DDoS routine, all of which are fairly straightforward ways to get easier kills and keep losses off their records. But at least one player has encountered a hack that lets the cheater alter their opponent’s team composition by switching operators after team selection.

A Croatian Siege player who goes by Lakii posted video to Twitter Saturday that seems to show their chosen operator being involuntarily switched out for another by a member of the opposing team. Playing on the defending team, Lakii picks Caveira, locking the selection in on the ready up screen.

Then he gets a chat message from a player who goes by (of course) LOLXDFUNNYMEME.

“Wait,” the text reads.

“What,” Lakii asks.

The screen darkens, and Caveira is pulled out of the lineup, only to be replaced by Bandit.

“You play Bandit now,” LOLXDFUNNYMEME says.

The audio in the clip is basically a couple players incredulously giggling at what they’re seeing, and sure – it is pretty funny to see in an isolated clip online. But if this is a cheat that players can get their hands on, it’s a pretty huge problem for obvious reasons.

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