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PUBG Corp will donate $2 million to charity in 2018


A game about killing everyone in sight until you’re the only survivor might not seem particularly charitable, but PUBG Corp has announced that it will be donating $2 million to charity. The money will be spread across three campaigns.

In other news, PUBG Corp are about to ban 100,000 hackers.

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The company, which develops PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, announced that a portion of the money earned from Gamescom Invitational loot crates would be donated to a total of three different charity campaigns. $100,000 was donated to the Twitch PUBG Winter Charity Invitational last month. A further $300,000 will fund the PUBG Extra Life Charity Marathon on Twitch, which will support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The marathon will run from January 29 to February 2.

Source: pcgames