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Prison survival game Scum has had its Nazi tattoos patched out


You know Devolver – it’s the publisher that always has those crazy E3 presentations. Well, today we saw the sincere side of the company after an apology was issued for Nazi-inspired tattoos making their way in to the prison riot survival game, Scum, currently in early access.

The apology came after the community manager of developer Gamepires asked players who were offended “not to play the game”, after pictures of tattoos with ties to white supremacy and Nazism were shared on the game’s subreddit and Steam.

The tattoos have been removed in a recent patch, and both Devolver and Gamepires have apologised, explaining that neither harbour any extremist thoughts or sympathies for right-wing ideologies. The tattoos in question showed the number ‘1488’ – ’88’ is an abbreviation for the Nazi salute ‘Heil Hitler’ (‘H’ is the eighth letter of the alphabet), and ’14’ is similar shorthand for a particular white supremacist screed.

The inclusion of the tattoos divided players. Some felt that any inclusion of or reference to these ideologies was a step too far, while others suggested that the use of fascist symbols only works to demonstrate how terrible the people you’re offing actually are, which might remind you of the debate around Wolfenstein II: New Colossus.
Source: pcgames