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Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is out this April, including a boxed version with a cloth map


RPG veterans Obsidian have announced launch details for their throwback sequel, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, via the game’s Steam page. That means a bunch of info about various pre-order goodies, but more pertinently it means a release date. You’ll be able to get your hands on the new old school RPG on April 3, across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

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pillars of eternity 2 deadfire release date physical version

Pre-orders will grant players three bonus digital items. There’s St. Drogga’s Skull, which is a totally metal sabre with the flaming skull of martyr perched on the tip. You’ll also get a new pet in the form of white hawk Beakhead, as well as a proper jolly roger for your ship with the Black Flag.

Source: pcgames