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Overwatch players are increasingly playing their mains


More and more competitive Overwatch players are picking one hero and sticking with them, to the point that players who don’t specialize are now the minority in the competitive ladder.

Dot Esports highlights a post by Omnic Meta, a site that collects Overwatch data and provides hard analysis. According to Omnic Meta, the number of competitive players who are specializing in a single hero has been increasing over time, and that the number of players opting to main a specific character is higher than ever.

Since Omnic Meta began tracking hero specialization in Season 4, the number of specialist players has grown from 25% to 55% today, with a notable boost in Season 12.

Omnic Meta has a breakdown of the top ten Overwatch hero mains for each competitive tier. In bronze, D.Va tops the list, while Reinhardt is the number one main for silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. In master and grandmaster, the top main is Ana.

The top ten list is fairly consistent in terms of composition across tiers, with a few standouts. Pharah only appears in the lowest three ranks, and Hanzo only breaks into the top ten in silver. Winston only appears in the top ten for master and grandmaster.
Source: pcgames