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Making it in Unreal: the best of 2018


It’s testament to how much great stuff was happening in Unreal Engine 4 this year that it wasn’t simply redubbed the ‘Fortnite engine’. Epic’s tech became the platform for games large and small all over the world – and not in the Western-centric sense that ‘all over the world’ is often used.

Thanks to its accessibility – both in price and the tools it offers – Unreal Engine 4 has powered big, beautiful games from Egypt and India, as well as from teams spread across many nationalities and connected only by instant messengers. We’ve had the pleasure of covering many of them across 2018 – one a week, to be precise – for Making it in Unreal, and thought we’d take the opportunity to celebrate the most fascinating and technically brilliant here, at the year’s end.

Some have taken advantage of the engine’s tools to build the sort of strange and ingenious systems you still only find in PC gaming – in-game metabolism trackers and YouTube drones.

Others are from tiny teams punching above their weight to create games that look triple-A, but come from a new and personal perspective. All deserve to be held up as examples of pioneering development in 2018 and beyond.
Source: pcgames