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Hitman 2 is the latest game to drop Denuvo


Hitman 2 is among the many major titles to make use of the controversial DRM service Denuvo. Or rather, it was, since the game’s latest update strips the protection layer completely. It’s part of an increasingly common trend for titles to remove Denuvo after release. Just a few days ago, Resident Evil 7 dropped Denuvo – two years after the original release.

Resident Evil 7 was notable for how quickly it was cracked, and Hitman 2 was a similarly inauspicious outing for Denuvo. The game was cracked just a day after it launched early for those who pre-ordered, which means the Denuvo protection was broken before the game was technically even out.

Don’t take that to mean Denuvo is useless, since various revisions of the protection layer have gotten cracked at wildly varying points in time. Recent games have seen the DRM broken anywhere from a few days to months after launch. For publishers looking to make use of Denuvo anti-piracy while pulling in those launch sales, it seems the gamble is still worthwhile.
Source: pcgames