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Free games: Win a Steam key for the new orcish DLC for tactical strategy game Warbanners!


You know what Warbanners has been missing? Ancient dwarven ruins. No, seriously – in a game in which every step you take forward could mean instant death, where else to go but decrepit stonework buildings that could collapse any second?

Fortunately, the new DLC, Warbanners: Death Speaker, is full of ancient dwarven ruins. And because we’re such a fan of them we are giving away Steam keys to 50 lucky winners so you can traipse around in them too.

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Warbanners: Death Speaker

If you don’t know what Warbanner is then let’s get you up to speed. It’s a turn-based tactics g ame in which you manage a squad of mercenaries. The main game has 42 campaign missions for you to beat as you battle through the harsh fantasy world on the way to become a legend.

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