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Free games: Grab one of 2000 Starter Packs for new real-time action MMO MU Ignition!


After MU Online, and the more recent games such as MU Legend and MU Origin, where can the MU series of MMORPGs go next? The answer lies in MU Ignition, which has now launched over here in the West after entertaining 80 million players across China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and South Korea.

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MU Ignition

If you’re not familiar with the MU series then all you need to know is that it’s a free-to-play, browser-based series of RPGs with real-time combat and a variety of classes to level up. MU Ignition, for example, Dark Knight, Dark Mage, and Elf.

The main draw of the game is joining a guild, partying up with three other players, and heading into the game’s dungeons to strike down foes and earn new gear. There raid bosses to take down, mounts and pets to charm, and even guild battles to fight in PvP.

Source: pcgames