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    DATE: 20 okt 2017
    After some years it was time to start my project again, It’s been in my mind for ALONG time now but on hold as I haven’t been able to find or make some of the parts I want. I am still unsure about some of the parts. I know there are some highly interested in buying this type of desk from me, i havent calculated any cost for it yet. Then comes the question if they want just the desk or a fully functional computer. The only thing i can say for sure now is that it will be EXPENSIVE. I am in no rush with this as i dont have the funding or the sponsor ship for it now.

    I will try get in some info that gone true my brain here in the first post to get up to date. Keep checking in as I’m sure I will update and add to this beginning part.

    At any time please feel free to ask questions, come with ideas/thoughts and so on

    Here is a pic from sketch-up showing some of the progress. It started with me doing a lot of sketching on paper then I figured I need some better and started toy around with sketch-up. Was some learning curve in that program and still is, I started with the desk to the left and after that I have moved on and up dated to the better as I got other ideas.

    The Beginning

    The road so far…

    -ProeliuM-DESK Prototype

    I was struggling for long time to find the actuators needed for the monitor stand. I have now managed to get some that I believe will do the trick, I can’t be sure until properly tested in the desk that hasn’t been built yet.

    Actuators at bottom stroke

    Actuator bottom

    Actuators at top stroke

    Actuator top

    I needed some good measurements on the motherboard tray but couldn’t find any I was satisfied with for E-ATX. After some surfing around I found out had some good parts at a good price. These will be the template for the motherboard in the desk.

    Motherboardtray PCI-e

    I managed to get this at a cheap price so I had to buy it. As of now I have no idea if it will be something I ever fit as I don’t have the motherboard/CPU for it.


    Another thing I had to buy as I got it real cheap, this though I think I can implement in the build.

    Rog Front Base



    My first idea way back was to have the glass/plastic table top lying just on top loose but I was never real satisfied with the idea. Now when I started to look in to this project again I had an idea and to be honest I am very pleased with the outcome of it. These hinges will be made of aluminum and hidden in the sides of the desk. Using these will make for an real professional look and the opening of the table top will look real good.


    Look at those 2 long slots to left and right marked with red arrow, thats where the hinges will fold down. In that slot i will make a aluminium piece that fits the whole slot and that can be used to bolt/glue of what ever i use for the table top

    Hinge slots



    Följer det med spänning.



    Great, feel free to come with thoughts and ideas:)

    So today i have made some minor stuff i the sketch like!
    The 4 EK-XTOP Revo Dual D5 PWM Serial pumps.
    The 4 EK-RES X3 250 RGB reservoirs (was allready there, just wanted to mention what it was)
    The 4 Black Ice Nemesis 420GTX® Dual-Core Xtreme radiators (was allready there, just wanted to mention what it was)
    The Corsair AX1500i Digital ATX Power Supply
    I then realized i have to see how much space there is left for motherboard and sli gpus so i had to make some parts in the sketch showing it:)

    Building it like this means i have 4 separate cooling loops to use.
    As an example i can have!
    Loop 1 – GPU
    Loop 2 – GPU
    Loop 3 – CPU
    Loop 4 – Anything really, even conect it in series with loop 3 to get maximized cooling on CPU

    It is a tight fit but no problems. I know the whole cooling setup on it is WAY OVERKILL as 1 of those radiators easy can cool 1 GPU + CPU. What can i say… I like overkill hehe. Setting the pumps directly over the fans help cool the pumps:) Plan has been to use copper pipes and no plastic shit.

    Update desk

    Update desk





    Been busy with other stuff today but ive been thinking last week about that position of the cooling pumps. As with alot else i havent been real happy with the location on em so i tried to move them now and now it feels better and look cleaner:)
    Put in a glas top just to see how it would look, need alot of rendering work stil:)

    Pumps removed, cleaner look

    Pumps relocated under desk
    moved pumps



    So today i hade to add some monitors. Ive been thinking alot on this subject as its real tight and i wanna be able to fit 3 27 inch monitors.
    I wasent happy with first idea and havent saved it as i think this idea will be better. Just have to come up with some solution on auto opening/close lid for the monitors as the come up and go down, not to mention the monitor arms:)

    Monitors down and hidden…



    Monitors up and opened up…






    So ive been looking high and low for some parts but as usuall i couldnt find any in the computer world that would be good enough lol.
    I want to have temperature gauges to monitor the water temp stand alone within each system and preferably on the water before and after the cooler to see exactly whats happening with different fan speed, push, pull, push-pull etc.
    Now ive finally found some and have ordered some sample to see if i can get it to work




    Yesterday i got the gauges i orderd so today i hade to rig something up to test them and see.
    I hade to set em up to test em with water at different temps, i made alot more tests than these pics but you get an idea.
    After the water i wanted to see if i also could use em for ambient room temp and as it seems it also worked perfect:)
    I also connected the gauge to a heat sensor i have lying since last build but that doesnt work.
    I will see if i can find another type for pc water cooling and test with. If i cant find one i have to make an adapter so i can use these sensors.

    This is the red gauge in water.
    Red Gauge

    This is the white gauge in water.
    White Gauge

    Ambient room temp with an indoor temp for reference.
    Ambient Temp

    Here i just blew some heat on it to see if it would react.
    Blowing heat Temp



    So ive been fideling around with the hinge and wanted to make one in aluminium to get a more realistic feel on it. That however made me realise i needed a roll bender. So first thing was to make a roll bender. Then after that i rolled some 20x10mm aluminium bars in it, cut em to lenghts, milled em down to 20x8mm, drilled holes, milled countersick for the brass nuts.
    I made 2 holes at center connection to be able to test it out, a final hinge i belive that hole needs to be pretty much in center of those 2.

    I have alot of pictures on how i made the roll bender but this is the final outcome of it

    Roll Bender

    Aluminium prototype hinge

    Alu prototype hinge 1
    Alu prototype hinge 2



    Just wanted to make a small update.

    I have toyed around with alot of ideas.

    If i want i can now fit 12 radiators with 420 size. But as 4 are allready overkill i will use the space for something else.
    I would like to get that chiller projet in to it but we will see

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