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Fortnite’s floating island is on the move, and Kevin is going to grow


The island at the centre of Loot Lake in Fortnite’s Battle Royale map has begun Season 6 by being lifted up into air on a swirling vortex, and now it’s on the move.

As you’ll recall from Season 5, a large and mysterious purple cube appeared and began making its way around the map, stamping runes on the ground wherever it settled. The cube, which also exhibited gravity-warping properties, eventually made its way to Loot Lake and rolled in, changing the lake into a bouncy purple mass of alien rubber.

At the time, many players assumed the cube had dissolved into the water, but that’s not the case – instead, the cube has been what’s lifting the island into the air. The cube itself – which is now lovingly known as Kevin to the player community – is visible under the mass of soil and rock holding up the island.

Now, it appears Kevin is on the move again. But it’s not exactly clear where Kevin and the floating island are going, or even where they actually are at any given time. Players have reported seeing the island appear over Salty Springs and south of Retail Row, although many believe that a bug causes the island to show up incorrectly on the in-game map.
Source: pcgames