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Fortnite Playground mode delayed until next week


Update, June 30: Citing ongoing launch issues, Epic says Playground mode is delayed until next week. 

Fortnite players who were looking forward to checking out the new Playground limited-time mode this weekend will have to wait until next week, as Epic is still trying to solve matchmaking problems that have kept it from launching.

In a tweet to the official Fortnite account Friday evening, Epic said there are still problems to resolve before the Playground LTM can go live, and the Fortnite team is working through the weekend to get them fixed.

“We’ll update you with any additional information July 2,” Epic said in a follow-up tweet.

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Playground mode was originally scheduled to launch Wednesday, but technical difficulties have temporarily spoiled the new mode’s debut.

Matchmaking issues throughout the game caused the closure of Playground earlier today after patch 4.5 went live. The issues appear to be resolved across standard modes of play, but the Playground mode requires further fixes – which have now been in progress for a number of hours, with no clear timeline for the mode’s return.

fortnite playground mode

Epic has provided a new trailer for the mode – check it out below – offering a preview of what to expect when Playground LTM finally goes live. The new limited-time mode lets you and three friends drop on a private island to build and fire at one another for up to an hour before the storm closes in.

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