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Fortnite now has an Apex Legends-style ping system


It’s taken Fortnite developer Epic Games all of a few weeks to co-opt Apex Legends’ game-changing ping system. The battle royale’s latest major update arrived this morning, and players are uncovering their new-found communication tools.

The new system was first uncovered by streamer TmarTn – you can check it out for yourself in the tweet embedded further down this article. As with Apex, the system is automatically bound to your middle mouse button, and offers the ability to ping locations, items, and even enemies.

Of course, Fortnite’s characters don’t speak, so Epic has had to come up with an alternative to ensure that you can effectively differentiate between different pings. Location pings will show up in your squad colour (which will traditionally be red, blue, yellow, or purple), while a small icon will appear depending on the ammo, item or weapon that you’ve pinged, allowing allies to see what you’re offering even if you’re far away. For enemies, a brief siren noise will ring out, alerting your teammates to any potential danger.
Source: pcgames