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Design your own armies in Forged Battalion, an RTS with Command & Conquer DNA


A pulse of nostalgia went through me when I first booted up Forged Battalion. Its chunky units and buildings have a Command & Conquer: Generals quality about them. I may be reading too much into it, but Forged Battalion is a game from Petroglyph, a studio formed of ex-Westwood developers.

However, this isn’t a retrospective game: Forged Battalion has thrown out a 20-year-old staple of the RTS genre and replaced it with something new.

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forged battalion screenshot

Forged Battalion doesn’t have multiple factions,  a mainstay of RTS games since Westwood’s Dune 2, released back in 1992. Instead, in Petroglyph’s game, you design your own armies.

Source: pcgames