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Borderlands studio boss really likes the number 3 lately


November 30, 2018 Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford is either teasing Borderlands 3 or being unnecessarily cruel on Twitter.

Yes, Borderlands 3 is happening. Randy Pitchford, CEO of series developer Gearbox, hasn’t exactly been subtle about teasing it over the past year, and although there’s still no official announcement for the sequel it remains all but inevitable. Pitchford is ruffling feathers again on Twitter today with a series of messages involving the number 3.

“My To Do list today has just 3 things on it,” Pitchford says on Twitter. “But I also have 3 meetings scheduled before 3pm. Is the universe telling me something?” He also notes that yesterday was day #333 of the calendar year, and remarks that “it’s really interesting how human minds take so much meaning in arbitrary numbering systems and coincidence.”

In a third tweet, he says it “feels like E3 all over again.” As I see it, there are two possibilities here. The first, and most exciting, is that Pitchford wants to stir up some interest this weekend before presenting Borderlands 3 among next week’s announcements at The Game Awards. It’s beautiful, everyone loves it, and we all have a nice cry about how wonderful it looks.
Source: pcgames