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Blizzard defend recruit-a-friend changes: "we were cutting that shared experience short”


World of Warcraft’s patch 7.3.5 seriously overhauled the game’s level-up experience, introducing much-needed worldwide scaling as well as introducing Legion’s epilogue and other snazzy new features. However, due to the increase in pacing from these changes, the recruit-a-friend experience boost was decreased from 200 per cent to just 50 per cent “to ensure the experience boost doesn’t upset game balance and undermine the experience”.

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World of Warcraft Classic

Not everyone’s happy about the new changes, with some players taking to the World of Warcraft forums to express their frustrations. However, Blizzard stands by their decision to adjust the recruit-a-friend experience, saying they’ve been “been happy with the changes so far”.

Source: pcgames