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Best Anthem weapons: all Masterwork and Legendary guns


Looking for the very best Anthem weapons to help round out your Javelin setup? Anthem Masterwork and Legendary weapons are the crème de la crème of loot. By the time you’ve reached the final grind and are getting better equipment daily you will want to set your sights on some key Masterworks and Legendary guns to finish off your favourite Anthem builds.

Anthem features a similar endgame grind to many of the best-known looter shooters like The Division and Destiny. It’s not enough to just have a good weapon that deals solid damage with every shot – you need to have the best weapon with a unique trait that feeds back into your abilities.

These come in the form of both Masterworks and Anthem Legendary weapons. These are versions of the basic guns with increased firepower, a fancy name, and some special perks. They catapult your damage output from good to epic and will help you conquer the hardest challenges.

How can you get hold of these incredible weapons though? Well, so long as you’re at max rank (check out our Anthem leveling tips for help), then simply make sure you’re playing missions on the highest difficulty to boost your chances of getting one of these beasts. You can get them as rare item drops, but there is a way you can always get one. The only confirmed way of always getting one of the Masterworks is by completing a Stronghold on Grandmaster difficulty. If you do this, then you will get access to the best Anthem weapons.
Source: pcgames