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An Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition ESRB rating could mean an upcoming announcement


A rating for Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition has appeared on America’s Entertainment Software Rating Board’s website. The ESRB’s rating of the classic real-time strategy game could mean that an official announcement is imminent.

The description of the game offers little in the way of surprises. It says that “players control empires from the Dark Age through the Imperial Age,” and lists several standard RTS tropes like building structures, gathering resources, and commanding military units (making an oddly specific reference to Persia’s War Elephants).

Details about the Definitive Edition are pretty scarce. While I imagine it’s pretty likely that the new version will include the game’s original expansion, The Conquerors, it’s not clear whether the three add-ons attached to the 2013’s HD remaster – The Forgotten, The African Kingdoms, and Rise of the Rajas – will be included in the Definitive Edition. It’s worth asking the question, however, as to how ‘definitive’ a remaster can be if it doesn’t feature all of the content attached to the original.
Source: pcgames