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AMD Radeon VII lags behind the RTX 2080 in latest 3DMark leak


You can tell the Radeon VII is only a week away by the sheer number of performance figures scraped off the web these last few days. This time we’ve spotted a ‘Generic VGA’ device in the 3DMark Time Spy database with specs not all that dissimilar from those for the upcoming Radeon VII graphics card from the red team – set to launch on February 7.

Manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices Inc., the entry in the 3DMark database also denotes a graphics card with 16GB of memory – on par with the HBM2 memory configuration of the upcoming Radeon VII. To be fair, that also matches the loadout of the near-identical Radeon Instinct MI50 compute card the red team launched in the AI and machine learning space, but we’ll side with Occam’s Razor on this one and draw the most obvious conclusion.

The supposed Radeon VII scores 8,854 on graphics score alone, that score is just a touch higher than the last leaked result at 8,700. We also now have the combined score for Time Spy, with the upturned benchmark indicating the 7nm GPU manages 8,863 once paired up with the octacore Ryzen 7 2700X.
Source: pcgames