TOPS eSport

Two communities became one

TOPS Esport has its roots back to 2008 when the community was first founded. The name of the community back then was TOP Nordic Battlegroup.

In 2013 TOP Nordic Battlegroup merged together with another esportteam known as Skuugen Esport. The two teams also merged their names and formed TOPSkuugen Esport Community, nowadays known as just TOPS Esport.

Today we are one of the most known community in the nordicregions of the Battlefieldseries. With high expertise and individual skills we have fought with and against big starplayers and teams throughout the years.



What is the real value for being a member in our community? What makes us even better than our opponents community?





TOPS Esport is an association and connected through a swedish federation known as SVEROK. As an association we have annual meetings where members can vote for new boardmembers. Unfortunately voting is restricted to members who have paid their members fee. Important questions at these meetings that matters the community therefor are only a full membership privilege. However, we NEVER close out anything from our regular community members! We discuss everything with all the members and are openminded for any propositions from anyone.

The confirmed board of the association together with communityleaders forms an intern leadergroup we call TOPSGroup. If you have any questions you can talk with these guys at anytime.

Members of TOPSGroup

Elected members for the period 2016-2017. We run this community for making it a better place for you.

Role Name Nickname
Board members
Chairman Richard Forsell Forzzell
Vice Chairman Martin Söderberg duxck
Secretary Robin Hansson MrHanssonSWE
Cashier Håkan Brandt Stenfrisk
Head Administrator Thomas Müller Muller
War arranger Emanuel Högild Hogild
War arranger Erik Persson mnt
Teamspeak Administrator David Chrazey
Recruitment manager Mickael Lekander Magnum
Recruiment manager Fredrik LOBO


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There is always possible to reach us through mail. We will respond as soon as possible.

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