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8 creepypasta games that will haunt you late at night


Creepypastas are ghost stories that have spawned from the twisted collective imagination of the internet. They’ve been around since the beginning of the web, and offer some of the scariest and weirdest stories you can read – this will be unsurprising if you’ve ever tumbled down a YouTube or Reddit hole at 2am.

Some of the biggest games and many of the most unexpected cult hits have taken influence from this creepy side of the internet. Heard of Slender Man? SCP? Jeff the Killer? Sonic.exe? Lavender Town? These are all creepypastas that have managed to permeate the internet and, in some cases, even leak out of the digital realm and into popular culture at large.

For those of you that want to delve into some of the weirdest, strangest, and darkest games you can play on PC, we have a list of the best creepypasta games. Yep, we’ve crawled around some of the internet’s foulest and spookiest haunts to bring you this, probably shedding years off our life expectancy in the process. Gulp.
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