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Steam Link Anywhere gives you PC access, well, anywhere… if you have the bandwidth


Valve has announced a new beta feature for its Steam Link tech, providing streamed access to your Steam account from wherever you are in the world. But there are caveats, mainly that you’re going to need a hell of an upload speed from your home connection to be in with a chance of a gaming experience that doesn’t make you want to stab out your eyeballs in frustration.

The new Steam Link Anywhere feature is going into early beta from now, free of charge, and all Steam users have access to it either via the Steam Link hardware or the Steam Link app. The Steam Link device itself will be automatically rolled out for the Valve streaming hardware with the latest beta firmware, and the Android beta and Raspberry Pi Steam Link apps will also get an update.

You will need to switch to the latest Steam client beta on your PC to enable the remote gaming access Valve is promising, but then you can connect to ‘Other Computer’ from Steam Link (in whatever form you’re using it) from wherever you are in the world.
Source: pcgames