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Razer Basilisk Essential review: its top FPS mouse gets a once-over


The Razer Basilisk Essential is a highlight reel of what makes the Razer Basilisk one of the top FPS gaming mice going. Launching alongside the Razer Kraken headset and Razer BlackWidow keyboard, its mainline FPS mouse has been sliced and diced into a more affordable package. Yet, with the same ergonomic shell, high-grade construction, and clutch DPI functionality, what the heck has Razer cut to keep costs down?

The short answer: Razer hasn’t shaved much in its cost-saving measures, only knocking off £15 from the OG Basilisk’s £65 price tag. At £50, the Basilisk Essential rubs shoulders with its muse in the product stack, and much of the core functionality and styling of the popular gaming mouse is alive and well with the latest addition to the cult of Razer.

The Basilisk’s tried and tested sloped design has survived Razer’s mild cost-cutting measures, and that lends to a comfortable, albeit exclusively right-handed, gaming mouse. After a solid eight hours of use, both gaming and productivity, I experienced no unusual fatigue or wrist strain. And I worry about these things in my advanced age.
Source: pcgames