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One Apex Legends cheat maker says he made $5,000 in four days


As with any improbably popular game, Apex Legends has already seen an influx of cheaters. Respawn has stepped up efforts against those cheats with massive ban waves and an upcoming report feature, but those efforts haven’t quite stemmed the tide – and according to a new report, it’s all meant a lucrative business for cheat makers.

One such developer, identified in Kotaku’s feature as ‘Dev,’ says he’s made $5,000 dollars since he started selling cheats just five days ago – a claim that’s been corroborated by screenshots of payment information. Dev had previously worked on Fortnite cheats, but increasingly robust anti-cheat protections and Epic’s legal action against cheaters has caused many to jump over to Apex Legends.

Another cheat maker reports more modest earnings of $400 in a week, though there’s plenty of room for that number to grow with cheats sold through subscriptions. This developer, identified as ‘Adam,’ tells Kotaku Apex Legends is “really in demand right now” among cheat users. Advertisements for various cheats, players are shown racking up as many as 30 kills in a single game, or tracking enemies through smoke.
Source: pcgames