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Gearbox’s latest new game teaser is for… Borderlands 2?


Gearbox has been teasing a number of reveals at a PAX East panel later this month, and the latest looks a lot like Borderlands 2. After putting out teasers for what’s (almost) certainly Borderlands 3 and an apparent brand-new game, the latest preview image looks pretty familiar. Given the reports we’ve already heard about a Borderlands remaster, the implications seem obvious – though there are some wrinkles to this one.

Though it’s pixelated, the image in Gearbox’s new tweet is pretty clear. It shows the back of Maya, the Siren from Borderlands 2, and in the background we see the shrine to Marcus at the top of the Bloodshot Ramparts featured in that same game.

This could potentially be a reveal for some Borderlands 2 content returning in the next series entry, but more likely it’s just Borderlands 2. That could mean a remaster, but it’s worth noting that current-generation consoles have already gotten a modern release of the game via Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – a package which is sold under a similar title on PC. There could be a bigger rerelease collection, including the original Borderlands remaster hinted at by a Korean ratings board entry last year.
Source: pcgames